There are so many places to buy insurance now, it seems like everyone is offering it. However, there are still a lot of customers that are not catered for by the vast number of standard online residential property insurers that have hit the market in recent years.

At Oasis we specialise in flexible solutions for clients with all types of residential property. We deal with a range of insurance underwriters to help our clients, whatever the challenge.

With 26 million homes in the UK, insurance companies try to standardise their products as much as they can. Whilst we have access to these products, we also have answers for customers that do not fit with what insurance companies call “standard”.

Listed Properties

It is surprising the numbers of insurers that will not accept properties that are Listed or were built before the 1850’s. We can help with these and this does not necessarily mean that you have to be paying more.

Non-Standard Construction

Timber framed, wattle & daub, weatherboarding, large areas of flat roofs, thatched – the list goes on. All types of property that we are regularly asked to look at for our clients, and we can generally find solutions for them all.

Properties undergoing works

Many home insurers will not underwrite properties that are undergoing renovations, even if you are already insured with them. We have insurers that are happy to cover the property whilst you undertake the works.

Subsidence / under-pinned

Often the problem is historic and does not present any extra risk now, but the majority of insurance companies will not entertain properties that have suffered from subsidence or movement in the past. We have access to insurers that are happy to underwrite such properties.